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... and welcome to AC's musebox and general RP-related collective, otherwise known as Rattled Muses. This is where AC dukes it out with the tenants in her head -- she gives them space, and they give her headaches and endless hours of entertainment.

Said hours are as endless as the rent being paid by the muses.

So what can be found here? The most interesting part would have to be my Character List; my Contact Post for us to toss around ideas (characters need a social life now and then) or to simply drop me a line; my anon-enabled HMD post; and of course, the random open meme-like posts.

I can mostly be found hanging around on WordPress and on Plurk.

With that said, enjoy your stay! ♥

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As it says on the tin, this is where you are welcome to give me feedback (good, bad, and all the shades in between) with regards to my playing my characters here on Dreamwidth. I figure I'd centralize all feedback in one post so that I can easily find all things feedback-related, and that I can mentally collate what I need to improve on in general.

Please don't forget to indicate which character you're referring to, and the thread(s) which prompted your feedback -- that would be really helpful!

With regards to criticism, needless to say, being constructive goes a long way, and I'm always open for discussion to improve my game.

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IP logging is OFF, screening and anonymous comments are ON.

Thank you for your time!
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Look ma, a catch-all post :D!
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{ Inspired by The Vampire Meme. VLD-S3 references. Feel free to take prompts from there, or see if the below prompts could work for you :3a }

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{ Note: Picking up from where we left off... }

Allura never quite believed in "beginner's luck", but if she took Shiro's victory against Myzax, and their making it out of Altea in one piece and in one go as foreshadowing, then perhaps she should not be surprised to see "Team Voltron"'s first battle to go well.

Then again, she would not have it any other way, and she was not out to take that for granted.

Once the Lions have returned to their respective hangars, she left the command center to meet with Coran and the support team he had assembled for her. She knew that the Paladins, Shiro in particular, would have questions for her, and she had made it known that she will always have time for them. But for the time-being, she decided to leave Shiro to handle his team. The Black Lion would not have vouched for him if he needed to be cajoled into his role, and for that, Allura knew that she can put her mind at ease in that regard.

Though she did note that she might need some one-on-one time with them, soon. For now, they are in Shiro's hands.

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Who: Kara and Aries Kiran
Verse: PSL - BBC Merlin + Saint Seiya
What: Kara found herself in another land, one that was not certainly Camelot. Little does she know she ended up in another era too.
Warnings: Nope!

She was having trouble breathing. Gasping for air had become a task for her. There was no rope tied around her neck anymore so her condition was not linked with it.

It was cold, surrounded by snow everywhere and a dense fog hiding a possible trail to get out, albeit she could tell it was a mountainous place for as her feet felt the rock. Kara brought her palms to her face, slight tears that expressed her sadness with her body curled in despair.

What a way to suffer another death(?) of which effects were similar to the previous one.
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Who: Michiru Kaiou/Sailor Neptune, Sasha/Athena
Verse: PSL - Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon + Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas
What: Sasha and Michiru get together to make some yummy presents for friends. Surely, fun can be had while preparations are going underway~
Warnings: None! ♥

The ingredients were all accounted for, the recipe properly followed (with a dash of liberty here and there), and for all intents and purposes, the kitchen smelled quite nice with all the sweets and spices used for the pastries to be given away to friends.

Sasha looked intently at the bowl of batter for the 'food for the gods' she was supposed to be making. The quantity was daunting, and there was only so much that mixing with a spatula could be done. She reached for what Michiru called a 'mixer'. She was hesitant to ask for help, seeing as the other lady had her own pastries to take care of but...

"Michiru, I beg your pardon but-- I need your help."
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Who: Pisces Albafica, Capricorn El Cid
Verse: Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas, post-canon AU
What: By fortunate twists of fate, a greater number of Saints of Athena have survived the Holy War. While they face a new chance at life, the road to recovery is long and paved with things yet unspoken.
Warnings: Heart-rendering feels SOB None. :D

El Cid curled the fingers of his right hand, eying the scar that circled around his forearm. It was as if he had not lost his arm at all, save for fleeting sensations of numbness and electricity that tickled his fingers.

His arm did not hold his attention for long, as he watched the sleeping figure on the bed. The room was quiet, save for the soft steps of the healers and random rustling of the thick, white curtains that separated the healing temple's patients. There were those that have healed faster than others and were on their way to resuming their usual duties (if they were not engaged in those duties already); and those who were left only needed more time --

Such as the one he was watching over, silver-blue strands fanned over the pillows and sheets. El Cid, since he had been able to get up on his feet, made certain to visit his colleagues, his silent way of support and encouragement. However, he spent much more time with this one slumbering Saint and he was just glad to know that he was alive, noting the subtle rise and fall of the sheet that was placed over his chest, and the feel of Athena's gentle healing Cosmo doing its work.

El Cid didn't know when his colleague would wake, but he kept with his visits. It was almost time for him to leave, but perhaps he would indulge himself with a few minutes more -- there was no hurry, after all.
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Any character of mine that caught your eye? Got ideas on how your character and mine can make wonderful things/music together? This post is for you!

Or heck, if you just want to get in touch with me for whatever reason and you found this post, hooray! \o/

Your options are:
  • this post
  • PM this account
  • email (piyomon [dot] aethracaelis [at] gmail [dot] com)
  • Plurk

Looking forward to hearing from you :D!

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