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As it says on the tin, this is where you are welcome to give me feedback (good, bad, and all the shades in between) with regards to my playing my characters here on Dreamwidth. I figure I'd centralize all feedback in one post so that I can easily find all things feedback-related, and that I can mentally collate what I need to improve on in general.

Please don't forget to indicate which character you're referring to, and the thread(s) which prompted your feedback -- that would be really helpful!

With regards to criticism, needless to say, being constructive goes a long way, and I'm always open for discussion to improve my game.

As I mostly play my characters in memes, I really enjoy cross-canon interaction. I take liberties in making my characters fit into other characters' worlds, specially if I'm familiar with them. There will be instances in which their canon personality may be a tad tweaked because of the world I've chosen for them (think: modern + slice of life, fantasy, etc.) and how I imagine their upbringing and experiences might have been. It's with a great amount of care that I reconstruct my characters, and I do my best to keep the essentials of what I understand of their personality in canon intact.

In the case you believe that I might be mistaken about something, please don't hesitate to voice it out, and I will be glad to discuss with you!

IP logging is OFF, screening and anonymous comments are ON.

Thank you for your time!

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