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Cielo Maaliw ([personal profile] aethracaelis) wrote in [community profile] rattledmuses2012-04-27 02:24 pm

Wipe your feet and hang your coat on the peg...

... and welcome to AC's musebox and general RP-related collective, otherwise known as Rattled Muses. This is where AC dukes it out with the tenants in her head -- she gives them space, and they give her headaches and endless hours of entertainment.

Said hours are as endless as the rent being paid by the muses.

So what can be found here? The most interesting part would have to be my Character List; my Contact Post for us to toss around ideas (characters need a social life now and then) or to simply drop me a line; my anon-enabled HMD post; and of course, the random open meme-like posts.

I can mostly be found hanging around on WordPress and on Plurk.

With that said, enjoy your stay! ♥